Donation Disclaimer

For all donations, Southern Appalachian Anglers River Preservation Coalition, Inc. has the rights to use your donation funds at the discretion of Southern Appalachian Anglers River Preservation Coalition, Inc. to fulfill our mission. Our mission is simple: Let’s Purify Our Natural Waterways. This includes organizing community trash pick ups, performing educational outreach programs, and replanting trees to repair riparian zones.  

We truly thank you for your donations and ongoing support! 

Proud 2% For Conservation Partner


Our honesty and integrity is backed by our pledge to be a community profit with 2% For Conservation. Our partnership relies heavily on how we operate our nonprofit. Specifically where our money goes and how much time we allocate to time in the field.

As a donor to our nonprofit you can rest assured that your funds will go directly to helping conserve waterways right here in our Western North Carolina mountains.